How do we situate ourselves in unfamiliar places? What might we witness if we move across the island by burrowing through petrichor and subsoil, wading into mudflats, grassy intertidal worlds, nestling ourselves within compacted mounds or loose granules of earth, sand, clay, silt, stone? What movements exist within these layers?

Face eastwards. What is the loudest sound you hear? What is the softest sound you hear? Locate the breath and sound situated in the pauses. Sense the movement of sound paths below the ground.

Lower your body as close as you can to the ground. Get dirt under your nails. Sniff the wind. What medicine might we find by accessing worlds as microfauna? How might seeing-sensing from the view of a less charismatic species remake our relationships with landmarks? How might it soften or allow a different way of perceiving edges and lines of habitable spaces? What might this other way of looking tell us about the weather, the tides, the change in wind patterns, the shapes and purpose of storm clouds, the ecosystems within fallen trees, the paths created by moon phases, the heady breath of the sun. What can it tell us about how we situate ourselves in places that asks for your whole body to listen?

What is the name of the place you’re standing on now? What does it mean? How did they come to possess their name? What other place names, topographical names, local non-Anglophone names might this site possess? Who speaks the language of these names? Has this site’s identity been (violently?) reshaped when it was renamed at any point in history?

Make a list of the names of trees that are older than our buildings, the organisms rooted and held within soil that sense their environments – how they eavesdrop on the variable cues and behavioural patterns of those around them.

Can you say the names, see, hear, smell, sense all the migratory flows of bodies, beings and organisms who have resided, occupied, moved through, been displaced, rehomed, segregated, isolated, (un)documented, celebrated, incarcerated, shamed, desired, feared, revered, rerouted, uprooted, forgotten in this exact spot where you stand?

Listen to the archetype of the witness when wayfinding.